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 [CONFIRMED] The Spirits [under construction]

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PostSubject: [CONFIRMED] The Spirits [under construction]   10/9/2015, 11:04 pm


- Why to have spirits?

We can only equip one spirit for fighting, tied to a single hero. at first sight, spirits appear to be weak and do not seem to have any real impact on the fight. However, at high level, they can give the holder substantial buffs. They have got also a special ability that allows to create or amplify certain combat strategies.

- How to get minds?

We must explore research areas. It is accessed via the icon in the top right on the map. The areas are unlocked by increasing the level of your Lord. When a search is launched on the first zone, there is a certain chance to search the second area, and certain chance that the process stops, and so on ...
It is much more difficult to get the spirits of the last zone, because you must have the chance to consecutively unlock all previous areas.
Each research puts one hour to recharge, we can store up to 12.
Each zone contains a certain number of spirits, each spirit of one zone is more or less difficult to capture.
When a spirit is captured for the first time, you can capture it immediately (40% chance) or wait up to an hour to reach a 100% chance. When the spirit is already possessed, capture is immediate (100% chance) and the spirit takes 1 level (up to 60 levels).
The first capture as taking levels requires a certain number of souls, dependent on power of the spirit.

- How to store spirits?

The inventory has got one basic free slot and one free slot unlocked by area. this makes a total of 11 free slots at level 30.
Additional slots are purchasable via the gems, the first one for 8 gems and 4 additional gems per additional slot (so 8, then 12, then 16 etc ...).

- How to make the spirits more powerful?

The spirits can upgrade and evolve.

To upgrade a spirit will make its buff more powerful, and its debuff less restrictive. The spirits have a maximum of 60 levels and can take levels in 2 different ways:
* When we found an already possessed spirit during an exploration, the spirit takes a level for a certain cost in souls.
* In the arena, the bravery coins earned every day according to our ranking can be spent to buy upgrades. Warning, these upgrades are in the form of items and used from the inventory.

To evolve a spirit will make its skill more powerful. The spirits start with 1 star. They may be climb up to 5 stars to increase their skill's power. every time we want to win an extra star, we must engage the spirit to a certain number of fights (depending on each spirit).

- How to feed the spirits?

The spirits have an energy bar as a percentage. When the bar reaches 0%, the spirit is no longer available in combat. To fill the energy bar, you have to feed the spirit with spirit snacks.
These are earned in several different ways, including by earning PvE fights on the world map, and at the tavern (250 + number of minds possessed x 250).
The more powerful the spirits are, the more expensive to feed they are:
1 star: 200 spirits snacks
2 stars: 400 spirit snacks
3 stars: 800 spirit snacks
4 stars: 1600 spirit snacks
5 stars: 3200 spirit snacks

- Additional Bonus

Once unlocked at the institute, spirits have got an additional bonus that is activated according to their energy level. Some have an energyous bonus (96% to 100%) and other a vanity bonus (0% to 10%).


This building in the town is used to improve everything about the battle spirits.
The "currency" used is Faith. It is obtained in two ways:

- With each fight, whatever it is (PvE or PvP), we get 5 + (number of battle spirits not at 0% energy) Faith.
Beware though, if all battle spirits are exhausted, we don't earn 5 Faith but 0 !

- The second way to win Faith is to make PvE fighting in the main story of the game.
Faith is randomly earned after the fighting. More monsters are strong, and the more we earn.


- Consumption: reducing the consumption of spirit snacks by battle spirits (in percentage). At level 3, they consume no more than 2% per hour (64 spirit snacks maximum per hour for an evolved battle spirit). Also reduces the consumption of a battle spirit in fight by 10 (I never saw the effect when I was playing ???). Finally, triggers special effects of battle spirits when their energy bar is full (energyous, from 100% to 96%) or nearly empty (vanity, 0 to 10%). Very inexpensive, these improvements have to be done first.

- Efficienty: reduces the time to explore from 10 minutes to 5 minutes. Very inexpensive, these improvements are to be done first.

- Explore: Increase the opportunity to discover a new area, from 1% to 20%. To imrove up to level 10 initially (10%) as inexpensive. Starting from level 11, the improvements become very expensive.

- Explore Times: Increase the limit of exploration from 12 to 18. Very inexpensive, these improvements are to be made first.


This section improves the skill of the battle spirit currently in combat. The more the battle spirit is strong, improvements will be more expensive.


- Resonance: shorten the time after you resonate to attract other battle spirits from 15 minutes to 180 minutes. Very expensive and of little use.

- Mutual help: battle spirit has been matched, it's next success rate of evolve will Increase from 2% to 6%. Very expensive and of little use.

- Evolution: Increase the initial success rate to fuse from 1% to 10%. Very expensive and of little use.

- Accumulation: battle spirit has been matched, you can have a multiplier bonus on chances of success from x2 to x5. Rather random and ultimately unhelpful.

Server : Megalith Hall
Guild : Bloodwars

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PostSubject: Re: [CONFIRMED] The Spirits [under construction]   10/9/2015, 11:06 pm


Server : Megalith Hall
Guild : Bloodwars
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[CONFIRMED] The Spirits [under construction]

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