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 [NOVICE] The city of Thunderbolt

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PostSubject: [NOVICE] The city of Thunderbolt   10/4/2015, 11:28 pm

The reception of the game leads into town, seeing its number of buildings to increase as we progress in the game. We'll go over the list of buildings and their function.

City Hall

The welcome of the city, it provides two things:
- Take quests at certain stages of the game.
- Earn a regular salary: hourly, commission is left to the player. We can store a maximum of 10. Each commission gives many gold coins. With any luck, the commissions are sometimes doubled or tripled.
It is therefore ideally connect 2 times a day to 10/12 hours apart to win a maximum of gold.

Hero Hall

The place to recruit heroes. We can have a maximum of 10 simultaneously with a  maximum of 5 on the battlefield. The "Class Transfer" option was available in the old version, and it has been disabled. It is therefore normal that you see it constantly locked.


The tavern will restore 100 energy points and 100 duel points a day. The maximum limit may be exceeded, we can have eg with 300/200 points. Spirit of snacks are also available, up to 250 + (250 x the number of spirits in your possession).
A small icon shaped tankard appears in the menu on the left of the screen when the tavern is open.
This icon appears between 19:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT and 0100 GMT to 03:00 GMT. So we can obtain up to 2 times rewards per day.


This is the storage area. We can drop up to 32 items. The first 4 slots are open, as to the remaining 28 must be purchased with the gems. If the first slot is "1" and the 28th "28", it costs (slot number)² gems to unlock the location concerned. For example, the fifth location costs 5² = 25 gems. They become quickly very expensive, it is much more profitable to focus first on inventory slots, much cheaper. (30 slots to unlock, costing (slot number): 20th costs 20 gems for example).
The warehouse also stores gold, but a ridiculous amount compared to all that can be accumulated in game.


It unlocks a whole bunch of improvements for the spirits. a special guide will detail this in the forum. Just hold for now that improvements are unlocked in exchange for faith, won at every battle of the moment that at least one spirit is active (not at 0% of its energy).

Battle Court

A PvP Arena that allows, in case of victory, to earn points which unlock the heroes of the game. We need 100,000 points for unlock all of them (and have the last hero in 3 copies). 5 battle points are spent by battle, and every battle won will give up to 30 points (and more) at high level.
The court battle has another advantage: each day, 5 fights won against more powerful players will give you a reward of five gems!

Shrine of Souls

Here you fight to collect souls. 6 fights, each battle won you 10 souls and 20 souls from level 15 and so on. Each consecutive victory gives a cumulative bonus of 10% of base gain (a base gain of 20 souls gives consecutive bonus of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 souls for 6 victories in a row).
Maximum gains: 75 souls and then at  level 15 150 souls.
An element fragment is obtained at the end of each series, the higher the score is ,the rarest the element is.
Note also that from level 15, the fightings can be done automatically (time saving but no control over the positioning of the heros).


The goal is to maintain daily in the top rankings by taking the place of the strongest players without being beaten back by other players.
The arena is used to collect bravery coins used to purchase skills books (to increase the level of the skills of the heroes) and spirits (to increase their level). The higher our ranking is, the more bravery coins are won daily.

Server : Megalith Hall
Guild : Bloodwars
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[NOVICE] The city of Thunderbolt

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