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 [NOVICE] The Lord

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PostSubject: [NOVICE] The Lord   9/30/2015, 10:14 pm

The Lord is the main character of the game it represents the player. Not directly involved in combat, he has an army of heroes who fight for him.
To access the menu Lord, you must click on his portrait in the top left of the screen . 4 menus are then available.


This menu details the characteristics of the Lord.
The level (up to 30) is particularly important. It unblocks more game elements gradually as it increases. We can take levels only by advancing in the main story.

Might indicates the overall strength of the team.

The maximum energy points and duel points available also increase with the level. The energy points (flash) are spent for PvE (player against monsters) and duel points (crossed swords) for PvP (player against player). Each point is collected in 5 minutes, which means that the higher the total points, the greater you can space your playing time (96 points recover within 8 hours while 192 points in 16 hours, for example).It is therefore easier to optimize its progress with more maximum points in the sense that every time that energy bars are full, we lose opportunities for action. The goal is to never have full bars.

Military Rank : the higher it is, the greater is the access to powerful heroes. BP (battle points) needed to increase the rank are won in the Battle Court.

VIP gives the player a VIP level based on real money spent in. The benefits are essentially given time (More opportunity to do various things everyday as more dungeons, more gold etc ... but at the cost of spending gems). A player who plays hard freely will put just a little more time to ramp up, but the end result is the same.


Allows to change server i think. The game relaunch, but I always lands on the same server? I don't understand this feature.


Allows you to change account, recover forgotten password and change the email address attached to the account.


Menu related to the game settings such as the activation of sounds, music, email notifications, combat tricks and confirmation when you do a purchase.

horizontal bottom menu :

- Change Avatar : changes the portrait of our Lord by buying new ones (30 gems per items).

- Edit Message : changes the message related to the player (visible for other players). You must have Lord's Notebook purchasable for 2 gems in the shop (SHOP icon at the top of the screen in the middle in the city screen, MISC section).

- Rename : changes the name of the player. You must have Lord's Name purchasable for 100 gems in the shop (SHOP icon at the top of the screen in the middle in the city screen, MISC section).

- Change Lord : changes account apparently? No option available for now.

Server : Megalith Hall
Guild : Bloodwars
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[NOVICE] The Lord

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